Jeep owners will all tell you that there is life before driving a Jeep and life after. Whether you're just looking for an SUV that is higher off the ground or plan on utilizing that 4x4 power to go off-roading every weekend, Jeeps are a unique breed. They are made for road trips and for conquering the outdoors, but can also get you wherever you need to go in the city. For those who are more mechanics savvy, customizing any Jeep model is an addicting hobby.

As a car company, Jeep is relatively new on the civilian market. Manufacturing of the original Bantam BRC prototype for the military began in 1941, and by 1945, they were introduced to the market. Throughout the years, the brand focused almost solely on light sport utility vehicles, even though it has been part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles company, formerly the Chrysler Group. Their popularity hasn't faded, though, so that their signature grille can be spotted tens of feet away.

What's great about Jeep, though, is that they're great certified pre-owned and used too! We take pride in the many vehicles that are on our lot and inspect them thoroughly before they get a price sticker. Our mechanics are ACDelco certified to ensure that they provide all of our customers with the best maintenance and repair services. We also install various lift kits so if you're looking to customize, we've got you covered for that too!