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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any minimum requirements for getting approved?

Nothing is set in stone, but we prefer people to have a monthly income more than $1,600 before tax. Also, we think that payments should not exceed 20% of your monthly pre-tax income. - If your income is $2,000 per month, your payments should not be higher than $400.

I've never had a loan before, and I don't have any credit?

There's never been a better time to start. We have approval programs designed specifically for first time buyers, so financing a car with Srq Auto will help you build a healthy credit rating.

Will I have to make a down payment?

Not necessarily! It comes down too many factors, including the vehicle you're buying, your credit situation and the specific terms of financing the vehicle. Make sure to ask us about our zero down payment options, but remember, a higher down payment could lead to lower monthly payments!

Will I always get the lowest rate available?

Interest rates depend on many variables, including your credit rating, the amount being financed and the length of the term. You can be confident that you will always get the best rate available for YOU!

I've been refused credit in other dealerships. What makes Srq Auto different?

We know that some people have less than perfect credit. We have lenders for all credit situations and our often able to help get a loan that others could not.

I'm self-employed. Will that make a difference?

Entrepreneurs helped build America, and we don't think people should be penalized for their ambition! Even if you don't have pay stubs, there are many other ways we can proof income, so don’t hesitate to ask.

My car was repossessed in the past. Does that mean I can't get approved?

We hear this all the time! So many people have suffered repossessions, and they've still been approved for new loans. We know how difficult the last few years have been, and we don't think people should have to suffer in the future for mistakes in the past.

I owe more than my car is currently worth. Do I have to come up with the balance before I can get a loan?

Negative equity is a common hazard when trading in a vehicle. Often, we can roll the balance into a new loan and on some occasions lowering your payment.

I've filed for bankruptcy...

We think you deserve a second chance! Talk to us about how we can help you rebuild your credit.

We're on a fixed income. Does that hurt our chances of being approved?

Not at all!  We have a lender and inventory for all budgets.

Sunday fun day!

Carfax certified repair center

Helpful advice figuring out your monthly car payme

Calculating you ideal payment:

As a rule of thumb, you need to take your monthly income and divide it by two.  
Then, subtract your mortgage, car payments and any other expenses and what's left over is what you can spend a month on a vehicle.  

If you make $4000 per month and have credit card payments of $300 per month and a mortgage payment of $1000.  You would figure out your monthly payment as follows:

$4000 divide by 2=$2000 minus $1000 (mortgage)=$1000 minus $300 (credit card)=$700.

You can spend up to $700 per month on a vehicle payment.

2017 Sea Doo GTX 300 supercharged Stage 3

Harley Davidson Fat Boy for sale

Affordable way to buff your headlights

What you need: Toothpaste, Towel, and water

I decided to use old towels and Arm & Hammer toothpaste.

Put the toothpaste on your towel and start scrubbing really in whatever motion you decide to.  Your headlight should start to become clear. The debris should start to come off into your towel.  Now all you need to do is rinse your headlight off.  This is much more affordable than store bought kits



Powerstroke EGR delete, new oil cooler and turbo

Customer Appreciation Cook Out

As a token of our appreciation, we are inviting everyone out on Saturday October 28th for music, giveaways and burgers/dogs.  I appreciate our customers helping to make us #1 as we are constantly striving to improve while earning the right for your business.  Again, thank you Bradenton! 941-351-9527

Srq Auto Free Oil Change

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