Used Audi Cars: German Refinement at a Reasonable

The roots of Audi go way back to 1885 with the Wanderer and NSU companies. After branching out and merging back together again, August Horch eventually came up with the name Audi in 1910. The name Audi is Latin for “listen” (as in audio), which is a translation of “Horch,” which means “hear.” That same year, the Audi Type A was produced, and soon after came the Type B. Not only were these autos impressive because of how successful they were in sporting events, but by 1921 Audi was the first German car producer to have left-handed drive.

The logo that everyone is so familiar with, four interlocking rings, was only used for racing cars at first. The rings stand for the four companies that comprise Audi: Horch, DKW, Wanderer and Auto Union. By the end of World War II, Audi was swallowed up by other car manufacturers, including Daimler-Benz and later Volkswagen. It wasn't until 1969 that the Audi brand re-emerged as a separate entity. Slowly, Audi gained more prominence and competed with other premium brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

What is it, then, that is so appealing about Audi? Perhaps more so than other high-end luxury brands is the sporty look that these vehicles have. Not to mention that their original space frame technology weighs less than a traditional steel frame, making the torsion more rigid and, therefore, providing a unique handling experience. A certified pre-owned Audi can be yours today. Let our sales team show your our inventory and our financial professionals get you the loan you need for your next vehicle purchase today. 

Used BMW Cars: German Precision Meets Smooth Lines

No one can deny the impact BMW has had on the world. As one of the best-selling luxury automakers, it sets a new standard for what premium means. The attention to detail, smooth rides, and a taste for the finer comforts in life are evident in all of their vehicles. The creativity that flows into their creations and the roads of the world is nothing short of impressive.

The logo of BMW is well-known even among folks who don't know about cars, thanks to how often it is referenced in movies. The white represents the propellor of airplanes and the blue is the sky. BMW, after all, began as an aircraft manufacturer in 1912. Their engines were known for their excellent performance high in the air and for having a good fuel economy. Their commitment to this technology is clearly present in their autos. The first sedans and coupes were released in 1962, just after motorcycle production was a success post-World War I.

With their unique nomenclature, distinguished style, and robust power, it is no wonder they are so heavily desired. A certified pre-owned BMW can easily be yours. All you have to do is visit our showroom to test drive these incredible cars. Whatever your credit score is, we'll make your dream of owning a luxury car a reality. Come by, seven days a week, to discover how you can be part of an exclusive club of vehicle owners. 

Used Infiniti Cars: Premium Affluence

Infiniti vehicles span a diverse lineup of coupes, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. These automobiles were only introduced to the U.S. in 1989, even though the parent company, Nissan, was well-established by then. By 1997, the first luxury mid-size SUV, the QX4, made its way to the United States. Since then, Infiniti has become a leader in premium vehicles that combine smooth lines, modern mechanics, and refinement.

The Infiniti logo reflects the mission of the brand. As the company strives to create a human-centric design in the world of luxury vehicles, the two main lines expand into the future, in a forward movement. The various models that the brand produces reflect this desire of bringing the latest technologies and creativity to those who deserve it. Infiniti vehicles are an experience, not just a way to get from one place to another.

With our extensive inventory of pre-owned and used autos, an Infiniti could be yours today! We will help you find the financing you need to take home your very own luxury vehicle, no matter what your credit profile is. Or if you'd like something a bit more humble, we've got plenty of other options to choose from as well. All of our vehicles are hand-picked to ensure the utmost quality so that you can drive home with peace of mind. 

Used Honda Cars: From Motorcycles to Cars

Much like other car manufacturers from the Far East, Honda has its place in creating reliable and affordable vehicles for families around the world. They have spearheaded the idea of producing modified versions of their cars to match a country's lifestyle. For example, an Odyssey sold in the U.S. is not the same one marketed in Europe. By doing so, they have become a successful giant when it comes to mechanics and smart design.

Soichiro Honda began his work in the auto industry by manufacturing piston rings for Toyota. After World War II, he opened the Honda Technical Research Institute, which allowed him and a few other prominent people to build motorized bicycles. Within three years, the school was liquidated for enough money to establish the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. By 1964, the company became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world, and the first Honda mini pick-up was released.

Decades later, Honda's success is evident. The variety of their lineup is sustained by staying in touch with what consumers want. Sports cars, the luxury spin-off Acura, a full range of sedans and coupes, as well as a desire to be more environmentally-friendly have all come together to create a standard of quality. They retain their high market value even when bought certified pre-owned and used so that the purchase of a Honda is great investment down the line. At SRQ Auto, we're sure to find a car you'll be proud to drive. Visit us today and let us show you our expansive inventory. 

Used Volkswagen Cars: More Than Just The People's

It all began with a novel idea. Before the 1930s, the automobile industry in Germany was filled with luxury vehicles that most people could not afford. Though many car designers and engineers tried to convince large manufacturers to take on the challenge, none would. The German Labor Front sought to rectify that in 1937 with the establishment of Volkswagen, literally meaning “the people's car.” The common Beetle that we all know and love was actually a modified version of Ferdinand Porsche's design. (Yes, that Porsche.)

As successful as the Beetle was within Germany, the factory would have shut down completely had it not been for British Army officer Ivan Hirst. After World War II, the company was on the verge of collapse and Hirst found a way to revamp it. By the early 1970s, VW had become popular worldwide. In fact, by 1972, it already surpassed the record for highest production rates as held by the Ford Model T. Since then, other unique models have flooded streets and highways, including the Jetta, Golf, and the Tiguan.

Volkswagen has a firm place in the car world. Vehicles are featured in museums, and certain models are iconic of the 21st century. Thanks to technological and mechanical advances, VW sedans, coupes, and SUVs are just as relevant today as they were a few decades ago. Visit us today to test drive any of our 100+ used autos in our inventory, including our VW's. We're sure to have just the car you need. 

Used Toyota Cars: A Standard In Durability

The Toyota lineup is one of the most sought-after brands all over the world. Known for their affordability, ergonomics, and long street life, these cars are usually eaten up by the public. Since they do so well, buying used or certified pre-owned is an excellent option for folks who have a smaller budget. Financing is also available to those who need it at SRQ Auto, no matter how high or low your credit score may be.

Interestingly enough, Toyota began its career by manufacturing looms. After selling the patent for their original automatic loom to a British company, the first two car models, A1 and G1, were produced in 1935. Originally named Toyoda after the inventor Sakichi Toyoda, the name was eventually changed to Toyota. Not only did the name have a better ring to it in Japanese, but the word “toyoda” literally means “fertile rice paddies.” As an auto manufacturer, it was better not to be associated with agriculture.

Vehicles were available for purchase in Japan starting in 1947. They were all nicknamed Toyotapet because they were relatively small. When they were exported to the U.S. in 1957, the name was shortened to Toyota by the mid-60s. Their luxury branch, Lexus, was established in 1989 and by the '90s their production included iconic autos like the Tundra, the Camry Solara, the Scion brand, and the Prius. Because they last so long and retain a high market value, these vehicles are a good investment for both the present and the future. 

Used Porsche Cars: Unparalleled High-Performance S

Who wouldn't like to race down U.S. Route 41 inside of a curvaceous Porsche? For many, such a treat is out of reach. Luckily, that's where we come in! With over 100 autos in our inventory, including sports cars, we're sure to find the right vehicle for you. Since all of our cars are certified pre-owned, they have been inspected by our qualified mechanics to ensure that they are in excellent condition. That also means that you can always come back to us for any maintenance service you need, from an oil change to new brakes.

 The first vehicle produced by Ferdinand Porsche was the Volkswagen Beetle in the 1930s, and soon followed the Porsche 64 in 1939. However, the 64 was used mostly for military purposes since World War II was just starting. The 356 is considered by many to be the first official Porsche because it was the first model sold by the company in 1948. Their logo bears two coat of arms: one for Stuttgart where the cars were originally produced and another for Wurttemberg, the territory where Stuttgart is located.

Unlike other brands, Porsches frequently have air-cooled rear-engine configurations, while still maintaining a balance in design. The classic 911 has become an icon and was first released in 1964. Today, it only barely resembles the original six-cylinder coupe. Other iconic coupes include the Cayenne and Boxster. Even after all these years and many changes, Porsche remains a symbol for the love of speed and opulence. 

Used Nissan Cars: A Legacy Exported From Japan

With headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, the Nissan Motor Company Ltd produces and sells three major brands: Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti. Though the sixth largest car maker in the world, it is the leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. The Nissan Leaf has become a standard for what a plug-in car can offer and it has inspired massive changes in the industry. As Japan's first car builder, it has continued to be at the edge of innovation, comfort, and affordability.

It all began in 1914 with the DAT, an acronym of the company investors' surnames. Though trucks and small passenger cars were produced for both the private sector and the military, it wasn't until 1934 that the name Nissan was widely used. The name comes from the Tokyo Stock Exchange which shortened the name of the holding company Nihon Sangyo. Though they had a rocky start, Nissan has been an integral player in the American automotive industry since the 1950s.

The Nissan lineup is one of the most diverse today. Whatever needs you have, whether it is a high mpg (miles per gallon), spaciousness, or towing capacities, these autos will match any lifestyle. At SRQ Auto, you'll get precisely what you're looking for, too. Our on-site mechanics, helpful sales team, and financial experts will help you find the car you must have. Come over seven days a week to test drive your next certified pre-owned or used sedan, SUV, or pickup today. 

Used Ford Cars: Unmistakable Quality

Henry Ford is credited with starting it all back in the early 1900s with the first moving assembly line. This simple idea made automobiles affordable to the middle class and paved the way for the many car companies that would come later. Not only that, but the research and innovations of Ford himself continued to challenge standards in the industry. This includes everything from child-proof door locks to the first rear seat belts to breakthroughs in superconductivity.

The 2000s has especially exciting for the Ford Motor Company. Crossover SUVs made from unibody car platforms and hybrid technologies for models like the Escape are just some of the modernizations these cars have undergone. With models as diverse as the classic Mustang to the adorable Focus all the way to the robust F-350, these vehicles are the backbone of the American landscape.

Our inventory at SRQ Auto is as versatile as Ford's is, with over 100 cars, SUVs, pickups, and crossovers available. All of our used and certified pre-owned vehicles are hand-picked to ensure their quality and reliability. When that is combined with the experience of a manufacturer like Ford, why would anyone go anywhere else for their next purchase? Visit us today to discover what's in stock. 

Used GMC Trucks: An American Classic

GMC is best known for its many trucks as part of the General Motors family. Though the auto manufacturer has delved into crossovers and SUVs, their trademark has remained faithful to their great pickups. Though GM was founded in 1908, it wasn't until 1912 that the first truck appeared at a New York International Auto Show. Starting in the 1920s, GMC's similarity to Chevrolet has been uncanny. Since they're both GM, this makes a lot of sense.

However, since the late 1990s, GMC has made significant changes to its lineup so that it can be easily differentiated from Chevys. As with other GM automobiles of all types, there is no question as to the powerful grip they have on the road and in hearts. Whether looking for a light-truck to haul equipment or to take on trips, test driving a GMC truck should be at the top of your list.

At SRQ Auto, we sell only the best quality pickups we can find. Buying a well-maintained certified pre-owned GMC truck gives you all the benefits of the brand, but without the high cost. Take a look at our virtual showroom to see all of the used vehicles we have on our lot. Give us a call to make an appointment for a test drive or just come on down any day of the week. 

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