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Srq Auto's Z06 Standing Tall

2015 Mustang Gt Walk Around

Meet Our New Mini Piggy Bill

SRQ Auto Christmas Party 2017

Sunday fun day for our service department at the d

Used Vehicle Leasing

 If you enjoy driving a different vehicle every three to four years, but don’t want to make expensive payments or waste money on a depreciating asset, Srq Auto has the solution. Our affordable used vehicle leases cost less than a car payment, with no long-term commitment required. Many ask if you need perfect credit for a lease and the answer is NO.  Any sales tax is due only on each monthly payment, rather than immediately on the entire purchase price as in the case of a loan. A lessee does not have to worry about the future value of the vehicle, while a vehicle owner does. For a business lessor there are tax advantages to be considered.  Stop in and see how low your payment can be and hassle free a used vehicle lease can be.

Christmas Sale

Financing Available Even Without a Social Security

Are you looking to get a vehicle and you don't have social security number?  SRQ Auto can help.  We are able to get financing secured if you have a valid ITIN, passport or a driver's license from another country.  We secure these types of loans every month and the process is very easy and hassle free.  Don't settle driving the a vehicle that you don't want or has many mechanical issues, stop in today and let us show you how quick we can help.

Donating to a great organization

We were proud to share that our service department was able to donate parts and labor today for the Prodigal Daughters.  We were able to repair their van and get them back on the road. Their organization represents a great cause and we appreciate the opportunity to be able to help our neighbor and local community.


Service Industry

***Service Industry*** Have you had issues proving income while attempting to purchase a vehicle? We can help! We often are able to get into a vehicle without those headaches. Let us show you how easy and pain free the process can be. 941-351-9527