The Toyota lineup is one of the most sought-after brands all over the world. Known for their affordability, ergonomics, and long street life, these cars are usually eaten up by the public. Since they do so well, buying used or certified pre-owned is an excellent option for folks who have a smaller budget. Financing is also available to those who need it at SRQ Auto, no matter how high or low your credit score may be.

Interestingly enough, Toyota began its career by manufacturing looms. After selling the patent for their original automatic loom to a British company, the first two car models, A1 and G1, were produced in 1935. Originally named Toyoda after the inventor Sakichi Toyoda, the name was eventually changed to Toyota. Not only did the name have a better ring to it in Japanese, but the word “toyoda” literally means “fertile rice paddies.” As an auto manufacturer, it was better not to be associated with agriculture.

Vehicles were available for purchase in Japan starting in 1947. They were all nicknamed Toyotapet because they were relatively small. When they were exported to the U.S. in 1957, the name was shortened to Toyota by the mid-60s. Their luxury branch, Lexus, was established in 1989 and by the '90s their production included iconic autos like the Tundra, the Camry Solara, the Scion brand, and the Prius. Because they last so long and retain a high market value, these vehicles are a good investment for both the present and the future.