Much like other car manufacturers from the Far East, Honda has its place in creating reliable and affordable vehicles for families around the world. They have spearheaded the idea of producing modified versions of their cars to match a country's lifestyle. For example, an Odyssey sold in the U.S. is not the same one marketed in Europe. By doing so, they have become a successful giant when it comes to mechanics and smart design.

Soichiro Honda began his work in the auto industry by manufacturing piston rings for Toyota. After World War II, he opened the Honda Technical Research Institute, which allowed him and a few other prominent people to build motorized bicycles. Within three years, the school was liquidated for enough money to establish the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. By 1964, the company became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world, and the first Honda mini pick-up was released.

Decades later, Honda's success is evident. The variety of their lineup is sustained by staying in touch with what consumers want. Sports cars, the luxury spin-off Acura, a full range of sedans and coupes, as well as a desire to be more environmentally-friendly have all come together to create a standard of quality. They retain their high market value even when bought certified pre-owned and used so that the purchase of a Honda is great investment down the line. At SRQ Auto, we're sure to find a car you'll be proud to drive. Visit us today and let us show you our expansive inventory.